The Active Genome

The Transcriptome is defined as the full complement of RNA transcripts expressed in a cell or tissue, in a particular time and space. We study the Transcriptome rather than the Genome as it is easier to decode and because its dynamics can be used to infer which biological pathways are actively expressed in a biological process of pathological state.

The central focus of the IMB Expression Genomics lab is to survey genome, transcriptome and epigenome content and define the underlying molecular events controlling biological processes and pathological states.
This systems-wide approach is being used to:
i) identify the key genes driving specific processes
ii)define novel layers of control guiding biological states
iii) reveal the full repertoire of molecular events that promoting cancer initiation and progression, and
iv) provide a rich resource for studying mammalian genome biology (transcriptional complexity, miRNA-mRNA networks, the role of retrotransposons and non-coding RNAs, RNA editing).

The laboratory comprises of a multi-disciplinary group of bioinformaticians, molecular biologists, developmental biologists, and biochemists, who are working at the intersection of systems biology, transcriptomic and emerging high-throughput technologies.

Student Projects

If you are a student interested in studying with us, please browse the Research pages to identify a potential area of study, and contact Sean Grimmond ( or Nicole Cloonan ( to discuss your options further.